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The beginnings of wine culture in Moravia started in the period of wine expansion in Pannonia during emperor Proba  ( years 276-382 ). The Roman legions were spread over south Slovak  and  Moravia. Across Musov close to Palava were found the remains of a Vindobona, the 10th Roman legion, which among the other things concealed winemakers knife . A greater expansion of winemaking came with christianity in the period of the Great Moravian Empire. Later there assist monastic community, particularly the Cistercians , who settled in Velehrad around the year 1205. They planted vineyards at a village called Skorsice close to Velke Nemcice.

Night of Open Cellars April 21, 2018 from 2 pm.

You can visit the traditional wine-growing village of Velke Nemcice with its cellars . Every year approximately 25 local winemakers participate here (even though here are over 100 small winemakers). These are mostly small winemakers who desn´t earn money from it, but the more they make wine with love. Many houses here have their own wine cellar , separate wine cellars are located around the center of the village.

Tickets are for sale from 2 pm  at the House of Culture (GPS 48 ° 59'30.268 "N, 16 ° 40'16 .229 " E). You can find here  open refreshment and toilet at all times, and from 7 pm there will be live cymbalo music.

The ticket price of 650,- CZK includes free wine glass for tasting, wine tasting, map of open cellars and 150 CZK voucher for a bottle of wine.
In every cellar you can taste wine samples up to your choice .

Guests who visit every open cellar  and collect each stamp to their lots  may win a bottle of wines. The draw will take place at 9:30 pm at the point where you bought the ticket.

The entertainment will continue here, until 11 pm. Looking forward to your visit. Most cellars will be open the next day from 9-11 am for buying a bottle.

Winemakers of Velke Nemcice


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